Zuckerberg Confirms: Video Is The Future

Mark Zuckerberg himself has said it: video is the future of the internet. People are watching videos all the time all over the world. With autoplay features on almost every major social network, video is the best way to get a consumer’s attention. As new technologies come out and are becoming a part of marketing strategy, it can be difficult to keep up with how they can work for you. It’s important to remember that new technologies come out for a reason: they’re either more efficient or more effective. Online video advertising is both, so it’s a good idea to make it a part of your campaign now.


Social Media Shares

Videos are 1200% more likely to be shared than any other form of media. If that’s not enough to make you consider using videos in your online marketing campaign, I don’t know what is. People don’t want to look at a wall of text in 2016, they want you to show them. When you show them, they show others. Social media networks that are based on video content also have a much higher traffic rate from outside North America, so here in Abu Dhabi, we know video is key to reaching our audience.


Mobile Users

Facebook’s quarterly report also confirmed that mobile users are growing, especially outside North America and Europe. More people are using social media than ever before as the world catches up. As more users outside the United States climb aboard, we are seeing a hike in mobile users. Not surprising considering the Middle East and Asia-Pacific have the fastest growing and largest mobile markets in the world. Mobile users are watching videos, so if you’re trying to reach people in this part of the world, video is your answer.



The best thing about videos is how well people learn from them. If you’re selling a product or promoting an organization that performs some complicated function, video is the answer. The majority of the human brain is dedicated to processing visual information, so the best way to ensure people are understanding your offer is by creating a video. The other factor is that videos offer entertainment value that can’t come from any other sort of media. A video can be fun, exciting, and eye-catching while still getting your message across.