Why is Video Production in Abu Dhabi Growing?

As the industry for video production grows in Abu Dhabi, so does the demand for animators. In particular, there is a high demand for local media producers who can create content targeted specifically at citizens of Abu Dhabi.


More people in the UAE are getting online everyday. We are one of the fastest growing markets for media and entertainment at nearly 20% growth just last year. Over 80% of our citizens under 25 years old have a mobile phone and broadband take-up has skyrocketed in recent years. This growing population is creating a demand, especially due to the increased use of mobile devices. With more and more social media apps adopting autoplay videos, video production is growing exponentially. As more people are on social media, and more of the content they’re seeing is in a video format, the industry for animation in Abu Dhabi has also grown.


Even though outsourcing is a significant portion of our media industry still, there is a growing demand for content produced in arabic. As the global market expands to include more and more people every day, the opportunity to produce for niche markets grows alongside. In the past, the demand for videos on arabic has not been high, but now people are asking for content that suits their needs. Companies are listening and working to meet those demands but the market for qualified animators remains relatively small in comparison.


Another factor in the popularity of video production here is Abu Dhabi’s tradition of storytelling. Though many are reluctant to create ties between modernity and tradition, the link here can be clearly seen. Whether the story being told is traditional or not, animation has seriously changed the face of storytelling in the modern era. Storytelling is a part of our culture and the popularity of animated videos speaks to that. Across the UAE, we have a history of listening and sharing and we are beginning to pursue modern avenues for expressing this.


A combination of these factors and others have made Abu Dhabi a hub for video production, as well creating a huge demand for UAE-specific media content. As the internet permeates culture further and further every day, the industry is likely to continue growing.