video in the UAE

Viral Video in the UAE

The UAE has one of the fastest growing online audiences in the world right now. The viral video is key to understanding any internet community, but especially in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Here, viral videos take on a slightly different form than the rest of the world. There are quite few factors shaping the world of viral videos here in the UAE, but here are the ones that you need to know about:

Visually Focused

World-wide, people are realizing that visuals communicate better. Years ago car companies stopped producing cars that had words to indicate what things did. Instead, they introduced universal symbols. Luckily, when you’re communicating to the masses, there is a huge set of “symbols” that can be used to indicate certain things. For example, if you see a cartoon character that has a cast on their arm, you know that they are sick or injured without that ever being said aloud.

This tendency to communicate through symbols rather than words really comes in handy when you’re trying to interact with an audience that may not all speak the same language. In the UAE, we have exactly that. Here, the visual focus really pays off.

Luxury Focused

There is a fixation in Abu Dhabi and Dubai on innovation and luxury. There are more car-related viral videos than anything else here and that’s because the market is huge. As a society that’s advancing quickly, especially in luxury industries, a video that focuses on modernity and glamour is bound to catch more eyes than those that don’t.

UAE Focused

One of the most popular videos in the UAE this year was a time-lapse video of Dubai. This video among many others showcase our pride in our nation. Even if your video isn’t focused around a city in the UAE, you will want to indicate that you are from here and are proud of it. People react best to content that shows them your brand is just like them; living a lavish life in the UAE.

If you can’t seem to work the actual setting into your video, another good option is to show your roots through any indication of our traditions. By creating valuable content that your audience can relate to, you are more likely to see them sharing it with their friends (after all, there friends live in the UAE as well).