Why Should You Use 2D Animation in the UAE?

We live in a global market that is constantly telling us that bigger is better. Even in Abu Dhabi, we are bombarded with these messages and we tend to apply this lesson to all aspects of our lives. This extends to the world of animation as well; people are often convinced that 3D animation is their only option. The tendency to just use the newest technology as opposed to the most appropriate is incredibly common. Here are a few reasons you might want to go with a 2D animation instead:



In an increasingly complicated global market, it can be difficult to remember the importance of simplicity. 2D videos are easier to understand for the viewer. By eliminating the extra space on screen, your point can be made more clearly and more efficiently. Your point can come across stronger if you don’t distract the viewers with confusing animations.



By creating easy, digestible visual content, your viewers who aren’t listening to their first language can learn easier. As we our creative efforts in the UAE are so often as a result of outsourcing, creating content that can be understood without a verbal or written explanation makes all the difference.



The truly amazing thing about 2D animation is the opportunities it presents for story-telling. Because it is a kind of animation that has been popular for over 100 years now, there are a seemingly infinite number of ways it can be done. From traditional drawing-style animations to modern infographics, 2D animation has been done in so many ways that you can virtually guarantee you can do things the way you want.



If you’re looking to get your work finished efficiently, then 2D animation is perfect. While it allows you to get your content across clearly, it also means you can produce it more quickly. If you’re on a time crunch, 3D animation will take way to long to create the same video. Unless 3D animation is entirely necessary for the purpose of your video, consider 2D to cut back on the time it takes to get that content published.



The beauty of 2D animation is how easily it can be shared on the internet. 3D videos end up creating huge video files that are difficult to upload. With so many sites having so many different guidelines for uploading, it will save you time and frustration to have a file that will work anywhere.