SEO and Video Advertising in Dubai: A Crash Course

Search Engine Optimization is complicated when you’re posting video content. There is limited space to optimize your content with usually just a title and a short description section. Their is a huge amount of video content already in existence, especially coming out of huge metropolitan areas like Dubai, so if you want to be competitive, here is a few pieces of advice.


Long Video Descriptions

Often when creating internet content, short and sweet is your goal. People don’t want to read long articles or posts— they don’t have the time. When you’re adding a description to your video though, the chances are people won’t read it. Unless you have some reference to the caption in your video, it’s purpose is mainly for categorizing. If you plan to share a link or information in your caption, put it at the top. After that, feel free to add a long description of the videos content. The more you have, the more likely it is to match somebody’s search terms.


Video Descriptions Translated

Having your video descriptions in a second language is never a bad idea, but when you’re working in a place like Dubai, where the population speaks several languages, it becomes extra important. You may even want to have your title in Arabic and English. Put your business’ primary language first, but feel free to list the translated description underneath. This is especially true for businesses that are operating in more than one language; if you communicate to customers in a language, put it in your description.


Silent Videos

Especially if you’re sharing through social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter or Vine, try communicating without audio. Sites like these have an autoplay feature that plays the videos without sound automatically so it is standard to have videos without audio. By doing this you can reach an audience that speaks more than one language with varying proficiencies.


Multilingual Subtitles

When uploading to YouTube, you have the option to add captions or subtitles. If you feel like you have to include conversation in your video, subtitles are even more important. Though it may seem like extra work, making your content accessible to all is the best way to show your customers you care about their experience.