Modern Intro Videos In The UAE: Your Branding Key

Abu Dhabi, as most people know, is on the forefront of the technological world. The technology industry in Abu Dhabi grows every year with little sign of stopping. As modernity becomes a larger portion of Abu Dhabi’s image, it is a growing trend in advertising. Conveying advancement and modernity is important for businesses that are using video media to advertise their company. Here are a few examples of intro videos coming out of the UAE that achieved that aim.

Record DJ’s

This video for Record DJ’s is a logo intro that they’ll be using for lots of video content. By using colour only for the small bit of red in their logo, they create the modern feel that is becoming so popular. The negative space, use of perspective and neutral colour scheme all work together in creating a sleek design that is sure to be popular in today’s market.



The intro video UB3RLIST is just as modern, but takes a different approach. The gold lettering and the intimate camera angle creates an image of luxury that is incredibly popular. Especially in the UAE, where the image of luxury is really popular, this is an important approach that is essential to any video production.

Not Just Another Podcast

Once again, we see a modern design performed with an entirely different concept in mind. The intro video for Not Just Another Podcast is intense and jarring. The loud dubstep playing and busy background create an environment that is meant to catch the viewers listen. The bright lines cutting through a black background stand out. In combination with the moving logo and the symbols featured on it, we are reminded of a more technological idea of what it means to be modern.



More similar to the Record DJ’s video, the ADNOC intro videos use of negative space to convey the contemporary feeling of their brand. The slow rotating branding on a mostly white background asks us to focus on their brand for a moment. Having their brand name in two languages and a 3-dimensional representation serves to remind us of the constantly advancing and modernizing world we’re living in.