The Future of Marketing in Abu Dhabi

Marketing is a constantly changing industry, especially now that the internet takes a lead role more and more often. Marketing in Abu Dhabi especially is moving quickly, so here are a few areas to be focusing on in the future when you’re marketing your business.

Internet Marketing in Abu Dhabi

Across the globe, internet marketing is becoming a central part of marketing. Some companies do all their marketing through online platforms, from social media to blogging to Google ads. Especially in Abu Dhabi though, there is a huge market for these campaigns. Obviously, there is plenty of advertisement here in the UAE, but most advertising agencies are not fully utilizing their digital avenues. The sooner you get into internet marketing, the better your reach will be. Nick McElwee, Marketing Manager for YAS Marina Circuit, stated: “Any discussion about the future of Marketing and Communication in the region should be stewarded by the young and happen online. It’s a great project lead by the right people in the right place.”


Video Media

Internet marketing is a huge category. The future of your business’ marketing certainly exists online, but the internet is huge with limitless options for sharing content. Abu Dhabi’s international, multilingual market calls for visual content, especially videos. When you are marketing to an audience that may be proficient in more than one language, it is best to create content that can be understood without language. It might seem impossible to communicate without language, but through animated videos, you can. Instead of limiting your audience to those who are most comfortable in your chosen language, use an animation that can get your point across.


International Marketing In Abu Dhabi

As we progress in the UAE, there is a bigger focus on tourism, specifically business tourism. We are attracting more and more international customers for our industries every year. The future of marketing in Abu Dhabi will often be coming from outside the UAE. If you’re looking to attract international clients to your business, you will want to have multi-lingual and cross-cultural content for them to enjoy.


Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM)

Opened in 2013, the ABGM has been working long and hard to get their financial institution set-up. They began accepting applications in October of last year, but the new year is expected to be big for them. They are an international company, but they plan to have a significant focus in Abu Dhabi and the rest of the UAE. The influx of businesses and the opportunity for growth means a big change for advertisers. As the industries advance, with the help of ADGM, their marketing strategies will as well.