Social Media Marketing In The UAE: Key Concepts

In social media marketing, location matters. Having the opportunity to communicate with a global market is certainly a huge plus, but when you’re marketing your company, you will want to attract people in your area specifically. This is true for any area of the world, but especially in the UAE, since it is so heavily urbanized. Finding your community can be difficult, so here is a bit of advice for creating social media content that will be successful in the UAE.

Obviously, on some platforms, written word is unavoidable. With visual media, however, there is an opportunity to communicate through symbols. This opportunity can be capitalized upon especially in areas where there is more than one language being used. Though much of our population here in Abu Dhabi is multilingual, most people have a language they are most comfortable communicating in. By creating content that doesn’t require proficiency in any particular language, your marketing will have better reach in Abu Dhabi.

The easiest way to accomplish this is through videos. The beauty of animated videos is that you can convey any message any way you want at a low cost. The ability to tell a story without using words is relatively new to us, but it is an incredibly useful tool to have at your disposal. By, essentially, communicating via a series of symbols rather than a language, your reach in our multilingual society will certainly see growth.

Once you have visual media created, the question becomes where to share it. Most platforms have some way of sharing videos, but some are certainly more effective than other. For example, twitter isn’t ideal for showing videos because it is a text-based site. The other thing to consider is what social media is being used here in Abu Dhabi. The UAE is home to 2.3 million Facebook users and that number is growing. Additionally, Facebook offers many location-related features. By just tagging a location in your posts, or checking in at a local restaurant, you can really target the reach of your social media postings.
Social media marketing in the UAE is a growing industry as more and more people are getting online. If you want to be effective at it in the UAE, use animated videos and make sure you’re always tagging a location.