4 Reasons To Animate Your Next Corporate Video

Creating a corporate video may seem like a daunting task. It means hiring a team to do the work, coming up with content, and then sharing it through several mediums. To make your work easier, we suggest having your corporate video animated. By hiring a talented video production team, animation becomes a world of possibility for you. Here is an example of a high quality corporate video:



The beauty of this video is how many things were made possible by the use of animation. Animations have been used to convey emotions that can’t be expressed through the use of actors because anything can happen in a cartoon! There is no limit to the special effects because it doesn’t need to resemble reality. In the OptimistNet video, they feature slime coming from a computer screen into a character’s face to symbolize the negativity they experience on the internet. This, of course, could be done in live action, but it would not have the same effect because it would be so close to reality.


A huge benefit of animations like the one used by OptimistNet is that they are accessible. Though there is a voice-over component, even if a person struggled to understand that language they would be able to understand it. Because animations are larger than life, they convey their point strongly visually and the audio is serves as background.


If you are looking to convey heavy emotions, then animating your video is a good idea. When dealing with serious topics, an animation will be less jarring for your viewers. Instead of shocking them and potentially causing distress, animated videos allow you to handle serious topics in an ethical, respectful way. OptimistNet starts with a very negative point: that social networks are often a negative space, but because their video was animated, you aren’t overwhelmed by the pessimism. Instead, the viewer is likely to wait through the negativity and get to the final positive message because it has entertainment value.


Though animations can be very expensive, compared to a live action shot of similar quality, they’re a bargain. Because they involve fewer people and usually less time, animating your video is a great option. This is especially true if you take into consideration the quality of the videos being produced— it takes a significant investment to produce live action videos that are high quality because they are expected to closely resemble reality.